Non-Traditional Hero Part 2: Whipping Up an Atypical Hero in Five Easy Steps

This. Is. Great

Bran Lindy Ayres

Building a character is a lot like making a cake. Except you don’t want just a basic yellow cake, you want layers and frosting and all the fun stuff that makes cake great. Or maybe it’s sushi you like, you aren’t just going to eat rice and be satisfied when you want sushi. Archetypes are like your basic yellow cake batter. They form the basis to start from, but it’s up to you to add all the stuff that will make an epic cake. What kinds of things do you like in a layer cake? Fruit, nuts, chocolate something a bit more exotic? Then we need the icing, or maybe you like frosting or fondant and lots of it. Good.

The point is we start with a base, but we don’t stay there. That’s boring. Spice it up. Experiment, see what flavors work well together and which ones don’t.


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